Quality makeup is something extremely important for a woman, and it is not easy to achieve. For this reason, in 1996, two female entrepreneurs created the line of urban decay makeup. A line that transcended history and established itself as one of the most popular due to its excellent quality and impressive prices.

However, even among many people who have never used this product, the following doubt arises.

Are Urban Decay makeup good?

It is a brand with trajectory of approximately 20 years old and recognized worldwide. The brand became more popular for the quality in duration and the care it offers to the skin. And obtained a position in the market by launch her “naked” makeup line or “natural, which became a trend.

Another characteristic for which it is considered a good makeup is the variety in the color palette offered by this brand specific. Makeup lovers know that it is very difficult to find color palettes in a single brand that will suit almost any skin type. However, the Urban Decay makeup, manage to impressively bring together all these shades.

Other characteristics that reveal if Urban Decay makeup is “good” are style, durability, cleanliness, and variety. These characteristics are brought together by this specific brand. So it can be said that yes, they are good.

Urban Decay product reviews

If we get carried away by customer reviews, we should take the most important features as a reference. Firstly, durability, levels of adaptation, versatility, among others. Mainly we must consider the opinion of experts and stylists because they are the ones who know the best about the subject due to their experience, therefore it is considered that their opinion is relevant on the subject.

Regarding the versatility the expert stylists They have agreed that each palette has a specific audience, because not all tones suit all skin types. Referring to the aforementioned, the brand brings together a varied version of shades that gives it the characteristic of being versatile. In the case of durability, it has guarantee of durability from 12 to 16 hours prevention against shine, which is considered quite impressive in a makeup.

Finally, the experts declare that it has an impressive level of adaptation. It is because due to the varied skin tones that people have, it is quite difficult to find a product that suits them. However, expert customers have declared their agreement with which the make-ups of Urban Decay achieve this adaptation.

Urban Decay Prices

The different urban decay makeup, They have a very well established relationship between quality and price. They are not so cheap but it is excellently compensated with the quality it offers, for which customers are pleasantly satisfied. But it is necessary to emphasize that the prices vary according to the product to which we refer.

Can find eye products ranging from $12.44 to $82.95, depending on your palette. The eyeliners for their part can range from $12 to $20. And, the lipsticks manage to range between the price ranges of the eyeliners, from $12 to $20.

urban decay makeup reviews prices

For their part, the bases are in great demand for their quality, and prices range from $16 to $33. If we refer to the illuminators, which are in marked trend lately, we will find that they range from $16 to $29, which is an impressive figure based on their demand.

The proofreaders, as well they can be obtained from $20 to $41.5. What is a fair price in relation to their durability. Another product that is really popular Among her makeup line are fixing sprays. They tend to be quite expensive, however, and despite their excellent quality, they are available from $12 to $24.8, depending on how long they last.

Most outstanding characteristics

the products of Urban Decay makeup line They have been popularized by marked characteristics that you should know. Your brand has shown a significant evolution in its improvement, and this is evidenced.

  • Its products have a special formula that helps care for and hydrate the skin.
  • They are highly durable, perhaps the most competitive in the makeup product market.
  • It does not have a variety of colors, however the palettes adapt surprisingly to different skin tones.
  • They are capable of achieving natural and matte finishes, mainly with that specific line called “naked”.
  • The downside feature is that there are many fake copies of these products.
  • All its products are designed to care for, nourish and moisturize the area of ​​application, they contain vitamin “E”.
  • In their entire line of bases they offer sunscreen.

How to get free samples?

The ways in which you can get free samples are varied, either in the desired period of time. One of the most common ways to obtain them is directly at the company premises, or in the different stands that are placed to publicize the brand.

However, there are other ways to obtain them. One of them is subscribing to the online platform of the brand and requesting that it be sent. To do this you must provide your home address in your profile.

An option that is a bit old, but is just as effective, is through catalog product sellers. Such is the case of products like AVON or L’oreal are clear examples. Companies that offer their products by catalog, usually give free samples to vendors to advertise their products.

Another way that lately has become a trend are the instagram or facebook contests. Through the social networks influencers or even the same company, in order to make themselves known, offer different contests where the prize is free samples.

Currently there are various ways to obtain this line of makeup, either through online sales websites, department stores, catalog products, among others. However, we have shown you all the features that the products in the line of Urban Decay makeup, we cordially invite you to try them and form your own opinion.


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