Cover FX is a company that since its founding in 2000,has been commissioned to create different makeup and skin care products​. Its main objective is to study each type of skin to createformulas that can meet expectations of every woman​, regardless of the variety of shades, injuries or classifications of these.

The brand makes sure thatall their products are vegan​, which do not contain gluten, mineral oils or fragrances. It is important to highlight this, since most of the toxic agents and those that propagate allergic reactions come specifically from these ingredients.

Are Cover FX makeup good?

Since this brand of cosmetics was launched, people have given it a very large acceptance, sinceCover FX keeps what it promises​. For women it is always essential to have specific products that enhance their beauty and this one gives it to you.

Since they went on the market, until now,They continue to innovate in the formulas that contain your products​according to the trends of each year and the needs of each client.

CoverFX It is a company that is not only in charge of bringing makeup products to the market but also products for cleaning the face. And not just for one skin type, It is characterized by having multiple options to choose from​.

Big makeup artists in the fashion industry consider it one of the main brands they use. Hollywood stars andgreat models ensure that this is one of the best makeup brands on the market.

For these multiple reasons,Cover FX products are considered fully good​, providing quality in its formula, safety and high pigmentation.

cover fx makeup reviews

Reviews of your products

It has been verified through surveys carried out by the brand on its online sales sites, thegreat receptivity that people have had regarding their products in each category. It was verified that5 out of 10 women have at least 1 product by Cover FX​; and that those 5 use it constantly.

Experts in the field of formulation and makeup believe that Cover FX has done a great job when studying each ingredient that contains the formula of each of its products, generatinggreat results and satisfaction when using them​.

The​influencers They always provide very realistic testimonials regarding the products they use and which are their favorites, and without a doubt,Cover FX excels in those lists of favoritism that these great personalities have​.

Considering the above, Cover FX is a company thathas very good opinions from its consumers. This, thanks to the hard work they do in trying to meet the maximum expectations that are demanded by the cover fx are good

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Cover FX makeup prices

This brand has products from $9 to $38. Compared to other cosmetic brands on the market, thisit is extremely accessible​, considering the quality and quantity that each package brings. Of course the price varies depending on each product.

If we mention the price of thebases they are usually between $21 and $25. Their powder they are kept at a price of $9 to $30, with a variety between loose and compact.

His​liquid highlighters​, are the products for which this brand is most recognized. They have a wide range of different colors to choose from and are priced at $9 and $30.

Skin care products that are so requested by all girls cannot be left behind. His​first water-based, mostly requested by people with oily skin, it costs $29.

There are users who are satisfied with the price, however, others who are not. but alwaysyou have to take into account when buying your makeup the quality and that meet your expectations​. It doesn’t make sense to buy makeup at an excessively cheap price when it doesn’t give you what you really need.

Cover FX is a complement to all of the above;​quality, good price and duration​. This brand is the best complement for your face.


Cover Fx is characterized by evolving every year, adapting to the global trends that exist at that time. However, there are hallmarks of the brand that will undoubtedly prevail for a long time.

  1. They contain a wide range of products, selected by categories, such as:
  2. Powders, bases, blush, contours, concealers, highlighters and primers.
  3. Its formulation is completely vegan, talc-free and fragrance-free.
  4. It has a wide variety of shades. Approximately 40 shades for all skin types.
  5. Its formulation is designed for professional and day-to-day use.
  6. Each product contains different ingredients, specifically designed to care for and enhance the beauty of each type of skin (dry, sensitive, mixed and oily).
  7. The contour and blush palette contain satin and matte pigments that can be used as various options, either as shadows or highlighters.
  8. These products have a perfect size to always carry in your cosmetic bag, and even when you travel. They are not heavy at all, nor do they take up a lot of space.

How to get free samples?

This brand of cosmetics,It is one of the many that offers the option that you can get you a free sample of any of its products. This helps you to test and decide if the product you purchased is the right one for you without having to invest your money.

Free samples currentlycan be obtained through their website original, where they usually fill out some questionnaires and if you really meet the requirements, and apply to send you this free makeup sample, they will send it to you.

There are other web platforms where you can also get free samples​, it doesn’t necessarily have to be from the Cover FX home page.

However,in their physical stores They usually give you a free sample of the product you want. This is done so that during a period of time you have the option to use the product and decide if you want to buy it or not.


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