Naturally under the concept of makeup, we look for the best line that provides us with excellent quality at a low price. Given this thought, the entrepreneur and businesswoman Laura Mercier when she couldn’t find a make-up line that met her expectations, decided to create his own brand. This is how in 1996 he launched Laure Merciers Cosmetics, becoming a huge success.

Are LAURA MERCIER makeup good?

owns a long history of more than 20 years, which has helped him learn from his mistakes and overcome them. They managed to stay fresh and innovate by keeping up with the trends. In fact, it is one of the company’s motto phrases, as is the case with regard to the quality of its products.

The company seeks to constantly renew its formula, in such a way as to continuously improve its quality. Its fundamental objective is not to compete in the market with prices but with quality, and in pursuit of their goal, the quality of their products is considered to be second to none.

From its invention in the 90`s to the present, it is a brand used by famous celebrity stylists. This has helped him increase his popularity in the market, because who wouldn’t want to make up with the same product as a Hollywood celebrity?

For all of the aforementioned, and the popularity it has obtained due to the quality of its products. It can be concluded that definitely, yes, they are good.

Product reviews:

currently is Laura Mercier It has a marked trend among influencers in makeup fields who recommend the brand’s makeup products. And that is because they have gained popularity for their use on celebrities. However, among the opinions in online sales platforms we can also find more realistic testimonials.

When comparing and analyzing from the media described above, it can be inferred that everyone agrees that the product is of great quality. Absolutely all of their products provide special care for all skin types. What has been liked by customers. Others agree that it does not mislead and really does what it promises.

In reference to powders and foundations, these are Designed to take care of every skin type. In the case of shadow palettes and contours, they have various shades that manage to please customers. Another positive testimony is in reference to the duration of the products.

Prices of your LAURA MERCIER products

the products of laura mercier makeup They have a great relationship between price and quality. Where depending on the item in the product line and its characteristics the price varies.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that they are products for professional use and with a specialized chemical formula whose quality is very competitive. In these circumstances, it is logical to think that its price must be equated to its quality.

Below we will mention the prices of some of the products in the line with the highest demand in sales. the lipsticks, depending on your time of duration oscillate around 32$. While long-lasting, moisturizing foundations can be found for approximately $23. The long-lasting illuminating powder and with moisturizer and sun protection, you can get between 40 and 50$.

LAURA MERCIER makeup features reviews

We can also mention the different mascara models for maximum volume eyelashes, whose Price is between $25 and $30. And the long-lasting concealers, also with prices similar to those of the masks.

Perhaps to many people it may seem a somewhat high price. However, let us remember that this line of makeup competes with quality, not with prices.

Characteristics of Laura Mercier makeup

Her makeup has evolved a lot over time. And they have been renewed according to the trend in what is currently used. Today they have revolutionized the world of current makeup with their innovative features, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • They have a wide variety of shades for all skin types, as far as bases and powders are concerned.
  • They have earned their reputation for quality over the years by focusing more on the quality of their products.
  • Most of their foundations and powders have a special formula that helps to hydrate and protect the skin.
  • The mascaras are maximum volume, perhaps the largest volume on the market.
  • The products it offers are for matte and professional finishes.
  • As for the shadow palette, it is one of the most varied on the market.
  • Likewise with the contour palette, it has a huge variation designed for virtually all skin types.
  • Each product has a quality seal characteristic of the company.

How to get free samples?

Given the excellent quality of the product line, it is perfectly understandable that you need to form your own opinion based on your experiences. For this reason we will mention some of the most common ways to get free samples. So you can check the quality of the products for yourself.

Currently the easiest way to achieve this is through online platforms. On the official website of the company, you can subscribe, create your account and enter your home address to receive free samples of their products.

Another even newer means are the Instagram or Youtube contests. where the influencers who often advertise these products through makeup tutorials, offer the samples as prizes in their contests. In this way they provide advertising to the brand in exchange for monetary compensation from the company.

Also in their physical headquarters, some samples of their newest products are often found at the ticket stands. On the other hand, in different stores and department stores, the company usually advertises its new products by giving away samples.

There are many ways to get free samples of the laura mercier makeup so that you try and fall in love with their products. However, we guarantee that its quality is second to none.


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