Mercadona has an excellent catalog of beauty products, both for personal care and makeup, which draws the attention of many women due to their excellent quality and value for money. Mercadona makeup is recommended by many beauty bloggers and experts in skin care and the complexion.

For this reason, we want to talk to you a little about everything that this brand has to offer, which also works to have the best of other brands in their catalog to a excellent price.

Discover the Mercadona makeup catalog

1-. Fixed&Covering Makeup

Fixed&Covering Makeup

This is one of the products in the Mercadona makeup catalog that attracts the most attention among beauty experts, it is from the house Deliplus. It is a makeup base that is responsible for covering all imperfections, lasts all day and has SPF 25 protection. price is around 5.50 euros. It only has 5 different shades.

This is usually one of the most popular products due to its resemblance to the Double Wear by Estee Lauder, this has a much higher cost.

2-. Maxi Volume Mascara

Maxi Volume Mascara

Also from Deliplus’s house this is another of the Best selling products in Mercadona, is a mascara that will give you maximum volume and thickness and with a single layer, with which you will gain density and your eyelashes will remain light and flexible. His price is 3.65 euros.

Speaking of mascara in the Mercadona makeup we must name another of its best-selling masks, it is theXtrem length of the Mercadona brand and has a cost of 3 euros.

3-. Mercadona makeup combos

Mercadona makeup combos

In every season Mercadona She makes some makeup combos where you can find some of her best-selling products with unbeatable prices. So you should be aware of these offers to enjoy the best products.

Mercadona personal care products

As we mentioned before, Mercadona offers you excellent products for personal care at excellent prices. We want to talk to you about the favorites and the best sellers, so that you always choose the best.

1-. Anti-scratch stick

One of the most widely accepted personal care products. This Anti-scratch stick They will help you to keep your feet in excellent condition, thanks to their bar format that makes the application is very comfortable and you can carry it without problems in your bag. This product makes an invisible layer on your feet, it will prevent your feet from becoming irritated or hard. This product has a cost of 2.50 euros.

2-. Shampoo for white and platinum hair

Currently, there is a very strong trend among women, this is the Californian highlights, balayage or completely white hair. However, to maintain hair with these tones, we must use a suitable shampoo. These usually have a high cost and are difficult to access, in Mercadona you can find them of excellent quality and at a price of 2 euros.

3-. Puffiness and dark circles reducer

Puffiness and dark circles reducer

All the time, we are looking for products that make us look more beautiful, but there is something that many times prevents us from having a great makeup and that is the bags under the eyes and dark circles. Mercadona and Mediterranean Beauté They have found a product that will help you eliminate dark circles and puffiness in the medium term, but in the meantime it camouflages them, making us look much more perfect, alert and beautiful. This product has a cost of 5 euros and is recommended by many beauty bloggers.

4-. Anti-aging cream

Anti-aging cream

Mercadona thinks of women of all ages, therefore, has teamed up with Sisbela to create an anti-aging cream that is of excellent quality, with the best and shortest treatment, as well as an excellent price, because as you must already know, this is one of Mercadona’s characteristics. This product competes in quality, with the Revitalizinf Skin Care Cream from the brand Alain Cosmetics; However, Sisbela offers us an excellent product, with the same ingredients as the most expensive creams, for only 5 euro.

5-. Olive moisturizing cream

Deliplus has a large number of products in Mercadona, but if there is a Star moisturizing cream is Olive from Deliplus. This is one of the best-selling products both in physical stores and on the web and the most impressive thing about this product is that it is incredibly cheap. Each jar of creams has a cost of 1.65 euros, but there is a constant promotion that offers you that, for the purchase of two jars you must pay 1 euro.

Makeup in Mercadona

How can you realize that you can not only buy Mercadona makeup, but also personal care products. The best thing about these products is that they have very affordable prices, preserving the amazing quality that provide us with the most expensive products.

Here You can see other makeup catalogs, where you can find excellent products.


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