to get a good green eyes makeup You have to know what colors favor you so that you can highlight your look and be able to wear spectacular makeup, it is not impossible to make green eyes have an ideal brightness. The secret is to choose the right tones to give you the desired effect and this type of eye makeup for the day it is perfect.

Green eyes makeup

When the eyes are made up correctly, you can get more out of the color of your eyes, just learn to use the shadows and also the design that goes with the shape of your eyes.

Green eye makeup 8 designs and ideas to make them stand out.

  • The bronze or copper metallic shade: It is one of the best options to make up the greens with this tone you can highlight the color of the eyes in a very simple way, just apply the metallic color, create a smoky color with a brown tone and use eyeliner and that’s it, your eyes will be spectacular.

Black eyeliner to highlight the look

  • Green metallic shades: Dark green is another of the tones that is most favored when putting on green eye makeup, since this tone helps to highlight the natural color of the eyes and creates an intense and vibrant look. With this tone you will steal the looks and it is also a fresh color that you can use all day.
  • The purple colour: This tone will always look good on green eyes because this color will highlight and enhance the eyes of this color since they look wonderful, but always keep in mind to use a light violet and smoke with a darker violet with this your eyes will They will look intense and with an impressive look.
  • Golden metallic shadows: This color looks great for any color of eyes, therefore green eyes have great approval with this tone, you just have to blend them with brown tones. This color is recommended to use at night since they are party colors.
  • The black and gray color: These tones are perfect to highlight the green of your eyes, and to dazzle at night, so that your look does not look too harsh, try using a smoky effect on your eyes with the gray color.

Mascara to highlight green eyes

  • Brown pencils: The brown pencil, since it will highlight your green eyes without producing as much hardness as the black pencil, with this pencil you can have your eyes lined all day. But if you use a brown pencil to outline then use black mascara with this your eyes will be well defined.
  • Red, purple and pink tones: They are excellent tones to highlight the green of your eyes if red does not attract your attention then try a reddish brown which will make you look more natural.
  • Avoid shade of blue colors: These tones will not help you at all as they will only make your eyes look dull and dull and the idea of ​​a good green eyes makeup It is highlighting your look, not overshadowing it.


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