to get a Good make up one has to take care of your skin Since it is not convenient to do it without leaving it free of dead cells, usually these cells completely ruin your makeup and instead of showing off impact skin, it will look dull and dull.

Good make up

You must keep in mind that if you apply makeup according to your face shape and skin color, you will see an excellent result, since not all women have the same fractions, for this reason it is important to know the tricks for each type of face and skin color. fur.

Tips for good makeup like a professional.

applying the foundation

  • The secret is to do a good facial cleansing and eliminate dead cells, since in this way you will prevent your face from sprouting with makeup.
  • Keep in mind what type of skin you have if it is dry, sensitive or oily so that you can acquire the ideal products for each type of skin since not all of them are suitable and instead of looking beautiful your makeup can be ruined.
  • It is convenient to disinfect your brushes and cleaning supplies since these tend to create bacteria.
  • Whenever you go to buy your shadows, foundations and powders, remember that they must go with your skin tone.
  • Your facial features play an important role when doing a good makeup.

Remember that with the way you put on your makeup you can look younger but you can only do this with good makeup. If you are one of those women who likes to look good at any time, then you should know that your skin also needs to be well hydrated and cared for to look healthy.

Professional make up

Putting on makeup is an art and very few women know how to do it, it is not applying makeup, but it is not impossible either, for this reason we will reveal some tricks that will make it easier for you when it comes to applying makeup perfectly:

  • Blending: this is essential since you must help the makeup adhere to your skin so that it looks more natural, be it your foundation, eye shadow, and powder.
  • Clean the eyebrows well: the eyebrows play an important role when it comes to good makeup since these, in addition to being impeccable, can be better defined with a pencil and brush to define them better.
  • Outline the lips: to make your lips look healthy, use a lipstick shade and a pencil of the same tone to outline them, this will make your lips look more defined.
  • The base: choose a base of the same color as your skin, this will allow you to show off a beautiful and uniform skin.

blurred eyes

With these tricks you will notice that your face will wear perfect makeup for hours without having to worry about retouching. When purchasing your cosmetics, keep in mind that you buy them depending on your skin type so that you avoid wasting your money. Put into practice the tips and tricks that we share and you will achieve a Good make up.


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