A Natural makeupFor those women who like to be fixed, it should be done using a tone that is not very charged. The makeup that we will show you is the most suitable for going to class, for work, at no time will you stop looking pretty, well-groomed and at the same time without so many products on your face.

Natural makeup

How to achieve a natural makeup step by step.

The important thing for a woman is to look fresh and better yet youthful, to achieve this you only need to know some tricks and thus obtain the perfect image in a short time. We recommend using good quality products and special brushes since with them you achieve the desired effect.

If you want your makeup to last longer, the first thing you should do is:

  • Start by washing your face with a liquid soap so you will remove fat and impurities. Apply a moisturizer since it will provide the necessary moisture to your face and in turn the softness it needs.
  • It is important that the foundation is the same tone as your skin too, so you can mix 2 different colors to achieve an extraordinary color similar to yours. The concealer should be applied in the areas that you need, such as the tear duct and around the nose, when applying it, do it with light blows so that there will be no wrinkles.
  • For the shadows you only need 3 completely natural shades one matte or one similar to your skin tone, apply it all over the eyelid, extending it to the brow bone, use another medium color it will shape your eyes, apply it in a V shape and an illuminator in the tear duct and under the eyebrows.

How to get a NATURAL MAKEUP for every day - 4 1
With the mask you will highlight your look, so apply one that is long-lasting, it is recommended to apply 2 or 3 layers to make it look natural.

With a black eyeliner, preferably in pencil, make a few small dots on the inside of the upper lashes, with this your eyes will look even more beautiful.

so that you Natural makeup If it looks gorgeous, apply a little blush with a diagonal brush, from the temple to the cheek, as if you were making a C.

A makeup of this style should use a perfect lipstick a light shade for the lips, preferably matte shades that are the same tone as your skin. We do not recommend shades like orange or green, this makes your teeth have a slightly yellowish color.

outlined eyes

For many women, beauty and naturalness go hand in hand, today through the networks we can see many celebrities with this type of makeup with a completely natural appearance and you will notice that with their makeup they look perfect.

How can we correct imperfections?

When it comes to correcting those annoying blemishes, look for a makeup base that matches your skin tone. With it, you’ll cover the parts of your face that you don’t like. Now, on the eyelids apply a beige or white base so that you will cover the dark circles, once you carry out this procedure you will realize the benefits since it will bring light and youth to your face.

When you don’t have much time for makeup, just outline your brows with a crayon for a great look. If you want to intensify your pencil liner, you can heat it up for a few seconds with a lighter, amazing right.

To outline your eyebrows you can do it with a crayon and if you want to intensify the eyeliner you can heat it a little with a lighter for just a couple of seconds with this you will achieve incredible eyebrows.


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