today acquire brand cosmeticsIt is a bit difficult because of its high cost and many times you end up buying cheap products that end up damaging your skin or simply do not have the results you want.


For this reason, the big brands offer a promotion of makeup products so that consumers can purchase them and in this way be able to use the cosmetics before buying them, thus obtaining the safety of the products that you are going to buy are good.

If you want to buy some free samples of makeup, creams, perfumes and other products for your personal care. We will tell you five places where you can buy free samples of your favorite brands.

5 sites where you can buy free makeup samples.

  • The pharmacy They are one of the places where you can get free samples of your favorite products, since all skin types are different, the pharmacy is the place most likely to give samples.

free sample lipstick

  • By Internet It is another safe site to acquire your free samples, you just have to mark in Google free makeup samples, these samples are 100% free, the only thing you have to do is that after you use them, give your product testimony.
  • The sellers of products by catalogOr they also usually provide you with free samples of cosmetics. You can have a meeting with your friends and invite a saleswoman and thus spend a fun afternoon discovering new products and above all trying them before ordering it in this way you will not lose your money.
  • In the supermarkets in the cosmetics section There are always girls in charge of distributing free samples of the new ones or those that are on sale. This site is frequented a lot by girls since they are fans of fashionable cosmetics but above all they look for recognized brands. For this reason, when you want to buy a cream for your body, perfume, or makeup, go to this site because you can surely buy what you want since you have the opportunity to try it beforehand.
  • There is various perfumeries where if you are already a customer and present your card they will give you samples of the products you want, the fantastic thing about these free samples is that your purchases will be completely safe.

compacts free samples

Brand products should not lose their creativity to provide free samples as it would be a shame because many of the products are not suitable for your skin, it is extremely important to buy good quality cosmetics but above all not to waste money with these free makeup samples.


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