The brand Yves Saint Laurent makeup It is one of the products where high technology stands out the most, offering a palette of perfect colors to look beautiful both day and night, due to its combination with glamor and sensory pleasure, these cosmetics are the best innovation for caring for your skin, this designer not only thought of women but also included cosmetics for men’s skin care.

Yves Saint Laurent Makeups

The beauty of every woman is the absolute expression of her character of which her face is the reflection, for this reason each woman has to be different, unique and varied, it is not recommended to use the same tones and colors to highlight her charms for this reason. Yves Saint Laurent makeup makes your beauty in a simple gesture of seduction. In the catalog of makeup products you can find a wide variety of cosmetics ideal for each skin tone. Below we will explain the benefits of some products in this line.

Yves Saint Laurent makeup products.


ALL Hours Foundation: This is a makeup that is fluid and antioxidant free of oils that will give your skin a free matte finish, this base is very light and natural, it is like a second skin, you can apply it in the morning since it has perfect coverage and long-lasting is formulated by an active complex of black tea antioxidants and a factor that protects your skin from pollution, thus avoiding the signs that age your skin. This foundation is ideal for all skin types. It is recommended that you apply it to your neck and face with your fingertips for better coverage. You can buy it in the color you want. It is very easy to choose the tone because of the Yves Saint Laurent bases.

The numbering of the base goes up depending on the intensity of the color of your skin.

ALL Hours first: This is a pre-base that helps enhance your makeup as it minimizes pores, providing softness to your skin, it has a sun protection factor which prevents premature aging, this base is dermatologically tested ALL Hours is suitable for all skin types You just have to apply it all over the neck and face evenly.

Touche eclat le tint: This is a fluid gel that smoothes imperfections without leaving your skin as if it were a mask. With this base, your skin can obtain a luminous result on your face.

Yves Saint Laurent FoundationsBlushes.

Blush Volupte: This blush is semi matte and semi satin which will give your face a heart of light in the center of your cheeks.

Couture contouring palette: This palette brings two shades that will restore balance to your facial features, highlighting their contours, since with the dark tone you can sculpt your forehead, sides of the nose, cheeks and jaws and with the light tone you give volume to your cheekbones, chin and shallow arc.

Yves Saint Laurent Blush

Rouge pur couture the mats: This is a collection of lipsticks that are radiant and offer you a matte finish which allows it to last for 6 hours.

Rouge pur couture glossy stain rebel: This is a long-lasting gloss with 3D luminosity which makes your lips look attractive.

Tattoo Couture: With this lipstick you can have spectacular lips without the need for touch-ups and you can buy it in its 18 different shades, choose the one that best suits your skin tone.

Yves Saint Laurent lipstickEyeliners.

Eyeliner Babydoll: If you want to get an electric look with this eyeliner you can paint your eyes with greater precision to obtain an impressive look. Babydoll Eyeliner you have several colors with sparkles that highlight your look.

Dessin Des Sourcils: This pencil is an excellent eyebrow liner with which your eyes will have a perfect finish. Its application is very easy and the effect is very natural. They all want to acquire Yves Saint Laurent Makeup.


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