The desire of every woman is to have a Perfect skin And why not of man too?

The fur It is the largest human organ and the most exposed to all external conditions and factors that we cannot control. That’s why we’ll give you 7 tips to have Perfect Skin throughout the year.


The skin cleansing on a daily basis for remove residues from the environment and the body’s own secretions that are made through the hair follicles that each pore of our skin has, is essential.

The everyday bathroom where you can remove the dirt of the day and the skin cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté have their own characteristics according to the type of skin. It is suggested, Do not wash facial skin abundantly and frequentlySo sun with 2 or 3 times a day would be fine, since the abundance of cleansing can cause pimples or blackheads, if the skin is delicate or prone to acne.

7 tips to have PERFECT SKIN - pielperfectalimpieza

If you want to know how to remove blackheads, then be sure to read “6 tricks to remove blackheads from the skin”

#2remove makeup

Removing your makeup every night is the key to perfect facial skin. He excess makeup it covers the pores and if you do not remove it at night the skin cannot breathe and clean itself by eliminating sebum, it accumulates and It can cause comedones and blackheads.

#3-Avoid the sun at times

Avoiding extreme climatic factors, or protecting yourself from them, is another of the keys to wearing a Perfect skin. Sun, as we already know, for many years it has been extremely harmful to the skin, due to the breakdown of the ozone layer that allows ultraviolet rays to pass through.increasing rates of skin cancer in the world every year.

He Extreme cold It is also harmful to the skin, so you should protect the skin on your face and hands whenever you are exposed to extreme temperatures.

#4- Moisture or Hydration

The skin moisturizing, and especially in summer periods or after sunbathing or sea or salt water, is a fundamental key to keeping the skin of your body and face healthy.

perfect skin moisturizing

Also after the age of 50 or in the pre-menopausal period or during this period of hormonal change of the woman it is ideal to consult with the dermatologist to be able to collaborate with a supplement the lack of estrogens, which so much influences the health of our skin.

#5-Drink plenty of water

As we know, our body is basically water in its composition, so the consumption of the minimum amounts indicated 1 liter and maximum 3 liters of water perdayThey will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

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#6-Healthy food

The healthy nutrition it is another key to a healthy body and therefore skin. Avoid fried foods, sauces, seasonings, and consume a lot of vegetables, fruits and cereals.

7 tips to have PERFECT SKIN - pielperfectaalimentacionsana

#7-Do not wear clothing made of synthetic fiber

Garments made with synthetic fibers, in addition to being made with petroleum derivatives and other chemical substances, by type of fabric they do not allow the skin to perspire freely and cause dermatitis or other skin conditions. Use noble and natural materials such as cotton and pure wool.


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