Rock is a style of music that has its own distinctive style. For this reason, it is assertive to affirm that there are various ways to use the rocker makeup. This kind of makeup can be adapted for men and women. Because of that, it is helpful to discuss some ideas from Rock-inspired makeup.

Discover the best ideas rocker makeup that are in fashion

The look that is achieved with makeup inspired by the rock is something crazy and dark. Despite this, the intensity used in the makeup will determine where it can be used. exist simpler makeup ideas inspired by the rock style that are used on a daily basis.

metallic colors

Metallic tones are a viable option to wear a make-up rocker little dark. These metallic colors attract attention and undeniably related to rock. Therefore, it is understandable that many women choose this femininely risky proposal.

rock makeup 1

Light and dark

Women who want to wear inspired makeup rocker in her day to day they can do it. The key to casual rock makeup It’s in mix light and dark colors to balance the appearance of the face. For example, you can use light eye shadows and a dark lipstick. Makeup will continue to broadcast a dark but beautiful air.

rocker makeup 2

bright rock

Men can also use rocker makeup as costume. Using metallic shades all over the face is an option for a risky rocker costume for men. Of course, black is considered a inevitable color in this kind of looks.

Rock makeup 3

black and crimson

The characteristic black color of rocker makeup can be accompanied by more feminine colors. In this way, women can have a rock essence when putting on makeup. For example, a viable option is use a crimson red color on the lips and black shadow on the eyes.

Rocker makeup 4

rocker pink

The pink color is little related to the rocker style. Without embargo, it is possible to wear a look youthful, feminine and rocker using pink. The essence of makeup shows that it is an option to take into account when dressing up.

Rock makeup 5

maximum darkness

Women who do not wish to soften the darkness that transmits the rocker makeup They have some models. most of the risky rock-inspired makeup uses dark shadows and black lips

Rock makeup 6 1

Little stars

Adding details is an effective way to decrease the impact of the rocker look on women. The small stars in black colors can soften the darkness of the style and bring femininity. These elaborate details are made by people with experience in the makeup area.

Rock makeup 7

glam rock

glam makeup rock mixes glamor with rock. This combination warrants the use of dark metallic shadows, long eyelashes and light lips. The balance that get with this makeup makes it appropriate for any woman who wants use it.

Rock makeup 8 1


The outline is the great protagonist of rock-inspired makeup for men. The men who want to look like rock stars wear dark eye shadows and eyeliner. In addition to this, the definition of the eyebrows is an important detail of this look.

Rock makeup 9

Big star

A man’s male rocker costume can include a big star around the eye. Making this makeup must include the color black and white to create a clear contrast.

Rock makeup 10 1

soft rocker

The rock inspiration of a make-up does not prevent this be part of the daily life of the woman who uses it. These rock models have been worn boldly by women who want to innovate their style.

Rock makeup 11 1

scary rocker

Men who want to dress up as a scary rocker They need special makeup. That look class is much more sloppy.

Rock makeup 12 1

Reasons to wear makeup rocker?

The choice of makeup used on a daily basis differs the choice of makeup for a costume. Nonetheless, there are reasons to use makeup rockers in both situations.

  1. Rock makeup is unisex, that is, They can be used by men and women.
  2. The rock inspiration of the make-ups enjoy of great versatility.

The elaboration of a makeup with a rock essence is not Is very complicated



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