Neutrogena is one of the brands recommended by specialists of the skin to accompany treatments and

prevent future problems.


It has a wide variety of care and beauty products, including makeup, which we will give you below. Opinion of Neutrogena users.

The secret of a good makeup is clean skin

Neutrogena offers the deep cleansing solution as rated by those with oily skin and acne problems blackheads and pimples. The best rated product is Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser. Why do I get the best score? For his container with dispenser It supplies just the right amount to be placed on the face, so you won’t waste product, and ideal to take on trips, since it doesn’t spill easily. It’s a soft and non-aggressive product, special for very sensitive skin, and despite that it cleans very well.

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Although its price is high, the performance is long lasting, so the cost benefit ratio is very good.

Makeup Bases

The pro

very good opinions and suggestions have the Neutrogena Foundations , given that does not cover the pores due to its soft and not very dense formulation. They offer a high degree of sun protection.

neutrogena liquid foundation

The Contras

The liquid makeup they do not have a dispenser, and that is an opinion that many women have highlighted as negative.

The blushes and bronzer

neutrogena blushIf you cannot sunbathe due to some type of condition or simply because you have your sensitive skin, the Neutrogena blush and bronzer They give you tanned tones in a very natural way.

neutrogena bronzer

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The Eyeliners

neutrogena eyelinerThe Neutrogena eyelinerThey are characterized by being very creamy (since they have olive oil) and having a blender that helps not to leave such a hard line.

NEUTROGENA makeup mineral powder

Be careful with the tones! Although they are covering and soft, several women have marked that the difference between the packaging and the moment of placing on the skin are different.

In general in the positive aspects of NEUTROGEN makeup that stand out is the lightness of the products, which turns them into non comedogenic, since it does not cover the pores. And the elements that complement the makeup, such as practical containers, mirrors, diffusers, etc, which make them more practical when using.

neutrogena mineral powder - NEUTROGENA makeup

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Between the Negative aspects of NEUTROGEN makeupWhen it comes to the opinion of many women accustomed to using and trying a variety of makeup and brands, the high price was the most prominent variable, but always noting that they are of very good quality, so it is worth buying them.


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