Makeup must be adapted to the tone and type of skin that each woman has. However, there are women who make the mistake of putting on makeup without taking into account the color of their skin. Therefore, it is necessary to detail some beautiful ideas of makeup for brunettes. In this way, girls with dark complexions will be able to take advantage of their color to dazzle anywhere.

Meet the best makeup ideas for brunettes that are in fashion

The beautiful skin of brunettes can be best used with special makeup styles. He makeup for brunettes highlights the beauty of women with that attractive skin tone in sight. Therefore, it is useful to analyze the colors and styles that favor dark-haired girls.


The pink effectively highlights the unique glow that the skin possesses of the brown girls. Therefore, light shades of that color can be used in the eyes in a blurred way. The use of black eyeliner and false eyelashes perfectly complements the truly feminine look.

Makeup for brunettes 1


The use of metallic colors, such as silver and copper, provides a beautiful image for brunettes. For that reason, a makeup for brunettes should include these striking shades. This makeup can be complemented with vibrant red lips and very voluminous eyelashes.

Makeup for brunettes 2

bluish outlined

The use of an eyeliner that is not the traditional black color represents a show of audacity. For this reason, the brunette girls who want to take a risk can use a blue eyeliner. That color will highlight the look in an unmatched way. The lips can go a bold pink to add to the boldness of the look.

Makeup for brunettes 3

golden bath

The golden color is considered one of the best allies of the makeup for brunettes. Therefore, a beautiful style can include the use of gold on the cheeks to highlight the cheekbones. When accompanied by huge eyelashes and marked eyebrows, the makeup will show a high level.

Makeup for brunettes 4


brunettes can taste play with the yellow color in her eyes. This color greatly highlights the eyes. Despite this, some women decide to increase the visualization by adding extra details.

Makeup for brunettes 5

bluish tones

The various shades of blue are ideal to highlight the look of a dark-haired girl. In case the makeup focuses on the look, it is best to use a lipstick with a natural tone. That way, women will avoid having excessive makeup. The look with blue tones is appropriate for elegant events that take place at night. You can also combine it with blue nails and look dazzling and super chic.

Makeup for brunettes 6 1

cat eye

The cat eyeliner, also known as cat eye, highlights the look in a beautiful way. By using highlighter on the cheeks, the makeup is complete. In this way, dark-haired women can look impressive while having a sensual look. The style is so successful that celebrities have used these techniques.

Makeup for brunettes 7 1


The glitter is an extra touch that it should not be missing when brunettes get ready for an evening event. All the shine that the glitter gives is perfectly complemented by some voluminous eyelashes. On the contrary, the lips should present a less vibrant tone, evoking more naturalness.

Makeup for brunettes 8

warm tones

Tones with a warm essence should be part of the kit makeup for brunettes. Those tones highlight the look and add vivacity to it. A look with warm eyes looks good with slightly highlighted cheekbones and red lips. In this way, attention will be focused mainly on the woman’s gaze.

Makeup for brunettes 9

colorful tear ducts

One way to innovate is by placing a different color than the eye shadows in the tear area. This technique will turn all eyes to the brunette with those remarkable eyes. Of course it is important complement the shadows with well-defined brows and long lashes.

Makeup for brunettes 10 1

Reasons to use this makeup?

the brunettes should be encouraged to follow makeup ideas for the following reasons:

  1. Brown skin is best used by selecting the right shades.
  2. Ideas allow brunette women to stand out undeniably.
  3. Makeup models can be adapted for day or night.
  4. Many makeup proposals are easy to execute



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