Maybe it happened to you like me and you have never heard this word “KAWAII”, Or maybe yes, if you are one of those fans of the makeup trends worldwide.

Today we are going to discover it together and we will see how to achieve a perfectKAWAII makeup

What does KAWAII mean?

The word KAWAII derives from the Japanese language and means translated into Spanish“Cute, sweet”. In Japanese culture, this word is applied in different areas and not only referring to the appearance of people.


Do you remember Hello Kitty? From there it kawaii acquired commercial significance and companies apply this concept of tenderness or charm to different products in general. Anything that is smooth and not at all aggressive can be applied to this adjective.

Something “cute” as they say in some countries, it is something kawaii (maybe that way you understand it better)

Kawaii makeup

The concept kawaii came to makeup in search of give the face a tender side.

kawaii makeupMany say that it is not a make-up to be used daily but a fantasy make-up for a special event or costume, but I honestly believe that if you do not accentuate the features so much and achieve a soft makeup, you can show off KAWAII.

The characteristics of Kawaii makeup


The skin healthy, clear and free of blemishes

kawaii makeup skin

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To achieve flawless skin, the foundation must cover any imperfections very well. The ideal is the cream makeup that has more covering power, of course prior to correcting with color correctors as necessary. Finish with Compact Powder to better cover.


very light shadows are the key to kawaii makeup, pinks, nude and beige. and outline the water line and the tear duct with white to enlarge the eye.

eyes for kawaii makeup

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He black eyeliner and elongating the eye, to give it a Japanese tear is essential.

The super long eyelashes are the key to makeup, so a lot of mascara or mascara until you achieve eternal eyelashes. If you want and dare you can place false eyelashes.


kawaii makeup lips

The Pink or Peach Lips: as natural as possible and with a touch of gloss They will give the lips freshness.


cheeks makeup kawaiiPink Cheeks: Pink or peach blushes that denote tenderness are appropriate for the Kawaii look.

TIP: The kawaii look is always accompanied by adolescent hairstyles, such as tails, bangs and waves in the pearl, and clothes in pink or very light shades.


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