Girls have fun using costumes with different themes and there are women who also enjoy wear costumes. One of the popular characters in the fantasy world is the fairy. For this reason, there are people who look for ideas of fairy makeup that they can use whenever they want.

Known the best fairy makeup ideas that are in fashion

Makeups that are inspired in fantasy fairies they can be really beautiful and alluring. Any girl is able to highlight her natural beauty and stand out outstandingly with such a look. In fact, many People consider this fanciful makeup to be an art.

flower fairy

The flowers are a beautiful element and delicate that could be included in a fairy makeup. the face can be filled with dots of different colors while the eyes have shades green and yellowish. The three flowers are placed on both sides of the face and They go from the temple to the cheekbone.

fairy makeup 1

Small Tinker Bell

The little girls should avoid exaggerated makeup that can obscure her pretty face. A fairy-inspired makeup for a girl alone it should include eye shadow and lip gloss. In case the imitated fantasy character is tinkerbell, it is recommended that the eyes they look green.

fairy makeup 2

Fairy sky blue

The glitter, glitter or Glitter is frequently used in fairy makeup. a beautiful model She has eyes with light blue shadows and voluminous black eyelashes. The main attraction of the look is in a side of face marked with many celestial, gold and silver sparkles.

fairy makeup 3

Combination pink and lilac

Pink and lilac are colors truly feminine and pretty. A woman who pretends to evoke fairies you can use a nice combination of pink and lilac to achieve this. the eyes will stand out with long upper lashes and painted lower lashes. He lilac stands out in the eyes while the pink occupies the cheeks and the lips.

Fairy makeup 4

Fairy spring

The colors used in the make-up fairy They can be combined to form a spring look. The eyebrows are creatively painted with green and small branches are placed under the eyes with brown. In this way, the look will become the protagonist of the make-up when skillfully representing a tree.

Fairy Makeup 5

colorful fairy

The use of feminine colors seems to have limits in a fairy makeup. The pink, the lilac and light blue are some of the favorites in this class of looks from fancy. The eyebrows, cheeks, lips and even the neck are covered. with these colors that evoke fantasy.

Fairy Makeup 6

fairies forest

A different version of fairies is the one that makes references to the fairies of the forest. Green is the prevailing color in a makeup of this type. The girls who want to wear this proposal include flowers and butterflies referring to nature. On the other hand, the face necessarily has to be overloaded.

Fairy makeup 7

Essence of fantasy

There are less literal ways to make a make-up inspired by fanciful fairies. The makeup you can be less specific by using blue glitter eyeshadow, false eyelashes and shiny stones under the eyes. The lips can have a hue highlighting and the rest of the face looks well with painted trim.

Fairy makeup 8

Fairy godmother

The fairy godmother is a character incredibly famous. Therefore, it is understandable that girls and women use their appearance for a costume that must have a good makeup. The use of light blue and brilliant stones it is vital in the eyes and part of the forehead. The shining stones are distributed correctly and the lips are painted with frosty pink.

Fairy Makeup 9

Fairy wound

The girls who don’t want to show off as an adorable fairy have an unusual option. The use of painted scars accompanied by painted eyes and lips delicately produces cool visual effects. That style gives the impression of a quite original wounded fairy.

Fairy makeup 10

reasons to use this makeup?

The main reasons to use a make-up fairy are these:

  1. The Fairies are very famous in the fantasy area.
  2. Women and girls can look feminine by wearing fairy-themed makeup.
  3. exist complex and simple fairy makeup proposals for the benefit of Anyone.



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