The wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows as well as in other areas of the face are marks that will appear on the skin over the years, which can be seen more pronouncedly if proper skin care has not been carried out, that is why We invite you to take care of your skin from an early age and one way to do it is the homemade face masks.

Definitely, this is a problem that can affect a large percentage of women around the world. But… Why do wrinkles appear on the forehead and on our face? Due to various factors such as genetics, the climate, some carelessness or simply due to tics or expressions that are very marked or are made repetitively, that is why many young people sometimes have wrinkles on the forehead at an early age.

Surgery for wrinkles, is it recommended?

At present there are many alternatives oriented to each lifestyle, these ways “plastic surgery” are the ones that promise to lead to achieving clean, beautiful skin and above all wrinkle-free. Many women, in their desperate search, decide to opt for plastic surgery or chemical treatments that consist of injecting their faces with certain substances; however, these treatments usually have consequences that are not very favorable in all cases.

But if you are here, it is for some good reason, either because you do not have the time, the money, or the desire to undergo surgery or inject some treatment into your body that is not natural. Next we will show you 3 of the best face masks that you can start applying

homemade face creams

3 Homemade creams to reduce wrinkles on the forehead

There are natural alternatives that can be ideal to resolve once and for all those expression lines that torment you when you look in the mirror. The 3 homemade creams to reduce wrinkles on the forehead that we present below have innumerable advantages, since in addition to solving your problem of expression lines, they are also based on completely natural ingredients, which you usually use or have available in your refrigerator, pantry or that you can easily get in the market.

They are also ingredients that are extremely cheap and are available in all seasons of the year. And best of all, is that in addition to eliminating the hated wrinkles, they also help to soften your skin, clean it and leave it shiny.

Keep reading and learn to look fantastic in simple steps just by applying these home recipes for wrinkles.

How to make homemade creams for wrinkles…

You are probably wondering What is good for wrinkles on the forehead? either how to remove wrinkles on the forehead? just keep reading.

Here you will learn 3 magnificent homemade anti-wrinkle creams that are very easy to prepare, which will be of great help to reduce those lines of expression on your face, such as crow’s feet and wrinkles on the forehead. Just follow the instructions, and remember consistency is the key.

1. Banana and avocado masknatural cosmetics

Two ingredients that are widely known for the multiple benefits they bring to health and beauty. These are widely used in different homemade recipes, since they provide immediate results. The banana and avocado cream is extremely simple to make, it will only take a few minutes and the most sensational thing is that you can take advantage of it and apply it to your hair as well, which promises to make it shine and leave it so silky that you won’t believe it.

The homemade banana and avocado cream: You will need a ripe avocado, and one or two ripe bananas, remove the shell from both and add them to a container, then proceed to crush them until making a puree with the two elements. Then proceed to apply them on your face and let them rest for about 20 minutes.

Ideally, you should add this beauty routine to your weekly schedule, applying it at least once every 8 days. In this way you will see results sooner and they will be maintained over time.

2. Yogurt, honey and banana mask

how to remove wrinkles with homemade creams

Three elements that will work wonders on your face. They will leave it cleaner, smoother, healthier and people will definitely notice that your skin looks much smoother and more beautiful. Yogurt, honey and banana They are ideal for eliminating expression lines, since they are ingredients that contribute widely to hydration and fill in those lines that annoy and overwhelm you.

The homemade cream yogurt, honey and banana It is very simple to perform and will not take more than a few minutes. What you should do is combine the three elements in a homogeneous mixture: Yogurt, honey and banana, to then apply to your face, this mixture can also be used on your hair, or if you cannot choose to simply store it in your refrigerator for a maximum of two weeks for subsequent applications.

After applying, let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes and remove with lukewarm water. You will see improvement immediately.

3. Olive oil and aloe vera mask

homemade face mask moisturizerMoisturizing, regenerating, and restores the skin’s youthful appearance, olive oil and aloe vera or aloe vera are wonderful for a homemade cream. Also, it is very easy to prepare. Acquire a piece of the aloe vera plant and proceed to peel it, removing the green part and keeping only the glass, then in a container, combine it with the olive oil and that’s it! Apply for 20 minutes.


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