He acne, that scourge that attacks us at any stage of life, must be treated and “disguised” paso we can feel better. Makeup is always a great ally. Here you will know our tips on makeup to cover ACNE


Today I will give you in this entry 8 makeup tips to cover acne, and you can feel comfortable and full.

acne and makeup

Your dermatologist has probably given you a specific treatment for treat acne, and among the prohibited things, is makeup.

dermatologist observing patientBut as we have already seen on another occasion, there hypoallergenic makeup, non-comedogenic and even mineral makeup, which can help you on special occasions, when you need to get rid of comedones or the marks left by acne.

Helpful tips

1-Moisturize your skin

skin hydration

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Skin affected by acne It usually dries up due to the medication or treatment that your doctor has given you. dermatologist, so it also sometimes changes color or changes its texture or thickness. Therefore, you must hydrate it with specific products, based on natural products or with little fat in its components, such as serums or ultra-light emulsions-

The ideal are moisturizing sprays, non comedogenic.

2- Sun Protection

sunscreennever forget the sunscreen or products with protection, so that the pigmentation of your skin is maintained and does not stain, especially in the wounds caused by acne.

3- The Makeup Base

As we have said on other occasions, the makeup base is the key to a good final makeup.

liquid foundation for acne skin

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For the skin with acne the best option is liquid base, Because of its texture, it will be able to better cover the surface, which is generally uneven on acne-prone skin.

Use sponges, always clean to place the base

4- Makeup to cover ACNE: Correct imperfections

concealer colorsThe concealers, contrary to the base they should be creamy, in order to cover more effectively . Regarding the colour, you must take into account the color of the imperfection that you want to cover, because you must counteract that effect. To hide brown spots, use a yellow concealer, if the spots are pink or reddish, use a green concealer.

5-No to layers of makeup.

woman applying foundation

Many times it is believed that the more layers of makeup you put on, the better you will cover acne blemishes, and it is not so, the lighter and more subtle the makeup layer, the better you will look. Since if you put a lot of quantity or several layers, the volume of the imperfections will increase and they will stand out more.

6- Hide the flakes of dry skin

Dry Skinnever use powder neither loose nor compact. Use the liquid base and keep your skin hydrated.

7- Highlight the most favorable parts of the face.


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Generally acne does not attack the eyes or lips. Hence the best trick of makeup to cover ACNE, to distract from your most damaged parts is bet on excellent eye makeup or impressive lips.

8- Cleaning is the key

makeup to cover ACNE: facial cleansingThe facial cleansing with the products recommended by the dermatologist, and the hygiene of your cosmetics, brushes, sponges and brushes They are the key to not inflame your face affected by acne.


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