Women are indecisive about everything and when it comes to choosing clothes or makeup even more. Does it fit us well? Does it match our clothes? Doesn’t it mark a defect? These and many other questions we ask ourselves when choosing makeup and especially lipstick or lipstick. That is why we will give you 7 tricks to choose the perfect lipstick.


1- Take into account the tone of our skin.

There are cold-toned skins and warm tones. How do we know which one we have? They say that to know which skin tone group you fall into, you should look at your veins on your wrist. If the veins on your wrists look blue, you have cool-toned skin, and if you see them green, your skin tends to be warm.

Cool skin tone.

You should use mocha, nude, cranberry, ruby, red shades.

7 tricks to choose the perfect lipstick - lapiztalabiosgrueso

Warm-toned skin

Pale pink or damask. copper or bronze

Olive and/or tanned skin

Avoid browns and range of violets, tend to the range of oranges in all its shades. This type of skin does well with intense colors, such as red, fuchsia, orange, cherry, grape. But the nude also suits him very well

2- Lip pigmentation


Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you choose a lipstick and when you use it it changes color? Well, that may be because you have a different pigmentation on your lips than the rest of your skin.

To do this, we give you a tip: if you cannot try it on directly on your lips before buying, try it on your fingertips, since the skin there is very similar to that of the lips.

3- Try the lipstick without makeup.

When you want to know which is the lipstick that best illuminates your face, try the lipstick without any makeup and that will be the best option.

4- Red lipstick

The perfect lipstick to highlight a monochrome outfit with simple lines can be a red lipstick.

7 tricks to choose the perfect lipstick - lapizlabialrojo

5- Nude lipstick

The nude lipstick will be the perfect one if you wear heavy eye makeup.

6- Thick or small lips

If you have thick and large lips and you want to hide their size, use a dark lipstick, that will make them appear smaller.

Thin or small lips: if you are one of those who suffers because their lips are very thin, increase their size by using light colors.

7 tricks to choose the perfect lipstick - lapizlabialaniston

7- The use of glitter

Use the gloss only when you want to highlight your lips, if you have large lips we do not recommend it, since the gloss mainly gives volume to the lips.


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